Njegoševa Biljarda
National Museum of Montenegro

from 5 April to 5 May, 2019

With the Giulio Cavanna works and other artists.
The Ministry of Culture of Montenegro is pleased to welcome in Cetinje at Njegoševa Biljarda the Review of MetaFormismo©, new concept historical-artistic in the form of an exhibition by Professor Giulia Sillato. The exhibition received the patronage of the following institutions: State of Montenegro, Municipality of Cetinje, Embassy of Montenegro to the Holy See in Rome, Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Ministry of Culture of Montenegro, National Museum of Montenegro, Petrović-Njegoš Royal House.

Visiting hours Winter: 9am - 4pm from Monday to Saturday (Sunday closed) Tourist season: 9am - 5pm every day, from Monday to Sunday

The contents of the exhibition are illustrated below:
Art is over and with it the long life of Art History: the MetaFormismo© writes its last chapter

It is not a current, it is not a movement and it is not even a group of artists, because the current historical moment tends to be refractory to group realities, such as those that have dotted the whole of the Twentieth Century.

The MetaFormismo© is the last historical possibility to acquire the meaning of non-figurative artworks by reading them with the optics of the shape (form). Non-figurative expressions, in fact, appear totally devoid of figures but rich in forms.

It is stated by Professor Giulia Sillato, Art Historian of Longhiana School, after twenty years of research and studies. Thanks to her long experience in the field of classical arts - which also includes a profitable discipleship with Federico Zeri, famous italian art historian - she clearly sees the expressive dynamics of art from its origins to today.

To identify new ways of reading non-figurative arts, means closing the historical circle of Art - because everything comes to be understood, even those art forms that from Abstractionism were intended by their fathers, Frantisek Kupka and Vasilij Kandinsky, as perception and not reason. Nothing more, therefore, can lend itself to evolution.

20 exclusive artists - chosen with two basic criteria: a) compatibility with MetaFormismo©; b) artistic quality - lined up to support their latest Art History.

Dino Aresca, Renzo Barbazza, Pietra Barrasso, Emilio Belotti, Natalia Berselli, Jole Caleffi, Giulio Cavanna, Adriana Collovati, Angelo De Boni, Sebastjan Degli Innocenti, Enzo Devastato, Massimo Fumanti, Cristiana Grandolfo, Renato Parzianello, Michele Pinto, Osvalda Pucci, Tiberio Rilli, Giuseppe Tedeschi, Francesco Terelle, Roberto Tigelli.

Giulia Sillato Foundation was created with the only purpose of spreading and protecting the latest Art History.

Giulio Cavanna

Giulio Cavanna, Struttura, 2018


He lives and works in Rome. As a young man he opts for an existential choice only marginally similar to art, since treating materials intended for the construction of technological organisms is not an activity far from the concept of creation. The space agency, where he lends his valuable technical and creative contribution for years, in 1977 produced Sirio, an acronym for Italian Satellite for Industrial and Operational Research. launched by Cape Canaveral, it was built in Italy, the first satellite in Italian history entirely designed and produced by our nation. The case of the Genoese artist, transplanted in Rome, is extraordinary in the history of contemporary art. It is, in fact, a singular transposition in the artistic field of a professional inclination that is not artistic, but it has been transfused into art just beacuse of that creativity the two professions have in common: the electrotechnical expert and the artist. Art at the service of science in a sharing of natures and purposes, as claimed by Frantisek Kupka, the first master of historical Abstractionism. Cavanna learned all the possible pictorial techniques and the use of painting materials in Genoa. Subsequently, under the guidance of Bertrando Bigi, he approached the knowledge of the history of Italian Art and of the masters who represented it. His youthful entry into the artistic  world and the conviction that he can never turn away from it have acted as a lever towards his artistic attitudes, continually experimented in the exercise of forms and space, thanks to the intriguing presence of dazzling colours. He has always met the public's favour, with his exhibitions in galleries and MIBACT cultural institutes. Amongst the many and qualified bibliographic references, it is mentioned Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori's Catalogo dell'Arte Moderna.
Giulio Cavanna, Forra, 2012

Among his most significant exhibitions we mention:

Giulio Cavanna, Evoluzione II, 2018

They wrote about him:

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Interviste televisive:

Giulio Cavanna, Fake News, 2018
Giulio Cavanna, Figura, 2017


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